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A place having been tailored to your needs to relax and ease your stress any time of the day in a friendly ambience, reminding you of your home, in which you can relish unique time with your friends. Pleasures Seaside caf and more is tailored to the needs of people who want to spend their time with their friends reading books from our collection ore playing any of our board games.

A cup of coffee with a wide variety of flavors, as well as unique coffee blends and an immense variety of hot or cold chocolate and beverages guarantee you a passage into a delightful world.

Luxuriate over our sweet temptations without second thoughts. Commit a sin by tasting a freshly baked waffle saturated in ice cream or sampling one our pastries. You can also savor the delights of our cold dishes and salads.

Enjoy the view of the deep blue at close range, drinking cosmopolitan cocktails and wines, having aged under perfect conditions, which will arouse intense feelings and will make you indulge pleasurable moments.

Feel the rhythm of music in our exquisite parties held every week in Pleasures. Happy dance tunes always elevate you converting every single moment in your life into an endless party beyond your wildest dreams. Should you think to celebrate your birthdays, name days or any anniversaries with a noticeable difference, do contact us. We also undertake the organization and promotion of your firm.

Τελευταία νέα

Τι είναι αυτό που το λέμε Brunch?

Η απάντηση βρίσκεται στο νέο menu του Pleasures seaside café + more!

Pleasures seaside café + more.. και αυτό το ‘’+more’’ πολλές φορές μας έχει προβληματίσει! Τι είναι;
Είναι βράδυ, γύρισες πριν λίγο από τη θάλασσα, δεν θέλεις να φας, θέλεις να πιεις! Κάτι δροσερό, φρουτώδες εεε να έχει και λίγο αλκοόλ..
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